Why Juice?

What will be appearing in here is fresh juices, something that I have only recently gotten into, but in that short time have come across some really yum recipes!

But firstly, why juice? Here is a trailer to a really great DVD that I watched, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

The reason I juice is because its a great way to get a stack of different nutrients into you all in a glass that can contain more fruit and veggies than you may get in a few days!

I juice with the Vital Max, I personally have no reason for this, its just what I have at home. However, what you are left with after juicing is also useful in other recipes.
Keep your eye on this space, don’t knock anything before you try it! 😉

“If life gives you lemons, make some kind of fruity juice.”


2 responses

  1. I juiced for 9 days in early January and am going to do it again soon. Its a great chance to give your body a rest and a clean out. The video and his website are great for inspiration and getting started.

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