Mushroom & Gravy Pies

Absolutely Delicious! I hadn’t intended on blogging this as they were just a last minute effort to throw something together for lunch, so I don’t have exact measurements for everything, but I thought it was worth sharing anyway!


Bread crumbs
Pre made gravy – Gravox
Black Pepper
Puff Pastry



1. Finely dice 1 large onion place in pre heated pan and caramelize with butter.
2. Add 1 handful of finely grated carrot, half a dozen medium diced mushrooms, peas and proceed to cook.
3. Add garlic, pepper
4. Thicken half a cup of gravy with bread crumbs
5. Mix the gravy through the veggie mix
6. Cook in a pie maker (as I did) or in a pre heated oven at 180C

*Mixture made 6 pies


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