Red Lentil Dahl

This is a recipe that my Nan use to do and now I seem to be the one that has inherited making it!


1 ¼ cups red lentils
12 cups of water
1 Onion
1 tin (800grms) crushed/diced tomatoes
¼ tea spoon turmeric
1 tea spoon Coriander
Chilli powder (to taste)


1. Wash lentils well, place in pot with water covering and coon over low heat for 12-15 mins.
2. Remove froth with spoon, when lentils are soft blend together with whisk. Add spices and tomatoes, cover and simmer for 10mins. Add salt to taste, but needs a fair bit.
3. Melt butter in pot and sauté onions until brown. Pour over dahl.
4. Serve with rice or mashed potatoes.

Will serve 3 or 4 people, best served with potatoes I recommend 1/4 – 1/2 tsp chilli power, you don’t want it to hot.


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