Vegetarian Shepherds Pie

I really enjoy cooking with my boyfriend, and this was something we made for tea tonight!


Onion x 3
Vegetarian Sausages
1 x tin of Chick peas
2 x tin of lentils
Gravy – gravox
Dried chives


1) Caramelize onions, add in mushrooms and herbs cover with lid and let to cook.
2) Peal potatoes, cover with water and cook till soft enough to mash
3) Add in the chick peas, lentils and sausages and allow to cook.
4) Make up gravy add according to taste.
5) Spoon mushroom mix into dish for cooking, cover with mashed potato sprinkle with cheese.
6) Cook until golden brown
7) Enjoy!

Serving suggestions, roast veggies.

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