Black Forest Trifle

Trifle seems to have become our Christmas dessert and I am not actually a huge fan of the one we normally have so this year I decided I would make it! I saw a recipe on tv but I took some liberty and made it my own, little bit risky since we hadn’t actually had it before and I was making it Christmas day! But it was amazing!


Jelly – Port Wine Flavour
Chocolate Swiss Roll
Vanilla Essence

1) Make the Jelly as instructed on the packet, allow to set for at least 4hrs. Once set use a fork to shred the jelly.
2) Halve the cherries and removed the pip.
3) For decorative chocolate shards, melt chocolate in glass bowl over a pot of water (Do Not Get Water In The Chocolate!!) once melted spread on a piece of non-stick baking paper, allow to cool a little and start to go firm cover with another piece of non-stick baking paper and then using a rolling-pin roll it up around the rolling-pin. Allow to cool and go hard, may need to go into the freezer. When it comes time to decorate, remove the rolling-pin and give the still rolled up chocolate a tap to break it into large pieces.
4) Add Vanilla essence to the cream and whip till firm.
5) Cut the swiss roll into generous pieces, and layer the bottom of you trifle dish with cake then pour enough lemonade over the cake to make it soft.
6) Layer in any order you like, I did – Cake/lemonade, custard, cherries, cream, jelly – ending with a total of 3 layers. Always end with Cream on top!
7) Decorate with Cherries and Chocolate shards



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