I started really enjoying cooking in my final year of high school. I found making dinner for my family and also baking incredibly relaxing, and it helped me to un-stress during the craziness called exams. In the past few years I have become more adventurous with my cooking; I love trying new recipes and often creating my own, you’ll find that many of my recipes are classics to which I have altered to become my own.


I’ve been cooking for as long as I can remember; I am from a large family so you will notice that lots of what I cook will be in big quantities. I am also a vegetarian so everything I cook wont contain meat.  I enjoy a challenge in the kitchen, keen to have a shot at anything, but defiantly have my specialties, which no doubt you’ll see popping up on here!

Jessa & Neens

Our friendship started long before we were found in the kitchen; first meeting in primary school then drifting apart with a change of school. After reuniting toward the end of high school we found we had a passion for cooking in common. Although, cooking together has not occurred as many times as we would have liked, but we encourage and share our cooking successes and failures over skype.


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