Poached Egg

I love poached eggs, but I’d never managed to make the ‘perfect’ poached egg without losing a lot of the egg white in the water or getting the water ‘swirling’ right. But I believe I have mastered the perfect poached egg, in not much longer than 1 minute!


Warm Water
White Vinegar
1 Egg


1) In a microwave proof bowl add a dash of vinegar, doesn’t really matter how much just not too much. (I prefer a ceramic bowl)
2) Now fill the bowl almost half full with walk water
3) Add your egg (don’t crack it in from a height, do it half in the water so that it doesn’t break up)
4) Microwave for about 1 minute. Depends on you microwave. Best part is you can pull the bowl out and feel the yoke with a spoon or something to see how hard it is.
5) Lift out of the water and let excess water drain off and serve.

*Warning* – Don’t over cook it, the egg will pop and the white goes a little rubber and your microwave will be a little wet.


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